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Welcome to Bilal Jamia Masjid Website

Dear Brothers & sisters Asalamo Aleykum, It is our honour and a privilege that you have visited our website.

For many years, the Muslims of Rochdale have wished for a purpose built masjid; where they can pray and give children the chance to learn about their Islamic culture and way of life.

With the help of Allah, on December 12th 1998, the foundation for such a holy place was laid down.

It is Qafay Sawaab and Sadaqa Jaria to help build a masjid.

The role of the masjids in the 21st century, in this day and age is as important as it was in the time of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him). This is why at the BILAL JAMIA MASJID the main purpose is to provide a wide range of spiritual, educational and social services, so we can advance the Islamic faith through Islamic values.

Our aim is to bring together people from Islam and other faith backgrounds and provide them with a centre of Islamic learning and practice. We want to provide a place to gain deeper knowledge and understanding about Islam, and a place to experience and take in the beauty of our faith.


With the help of all our brothers and sisters we have now achieved 80% completion of this masjid in the heart of Rochdale. (Pictures of the progress can be viewed in the pictures section)

* Upon completion, this purpose built masjid will accommodate over 3000 Muslims during prayer.

* A separate prayer hall is available for our Muslim sisters.

* It is a teaching centre for Islamic Studies & Quran circles.

* The main hall is for multi-purpose use with adjacent cooking facilities.

* Also available will be an Islamic Library for those who want learn more about religion.


Picture of Bilal Jamia Masjid Rochdale

Bilal Jamia Masjid Bulwer street Rochdale Lancashire U.K OL16 2EU Phone No: 01706 861853